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Mother's Bird Nest Pendant Necklace With Little Pearl "eggs"

Thursday, June 19, 2014

How adorable is this new hand stamped necklace design we now have over at Whole Soul Jewelry? This new arrival consists of a hand cut 1.25" pure grade aluminum washer. It's nice and thick at 14G, and looks fantastic with copper! The 20 G round copper disc is textured using a different assortment of tools and domed slightly to look just like a bird nest. Tucked safety inside the copper nest are up to five tiny pearl "eggs" to represent each one of mom's little 'birdies'.

mama bird necklace

The pendant hangs from a stainless steel ball chain, however a cable chain is also available if you prefer.

This necklace is made completely by hand, each letter is stamped individually, and reads My Nest And Heart Are Full, then darkened and polished. Each aluminum and copper piece is assembled carefully to great a truly unique keepsake for mom.

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