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About Me

Whole Soul Jewelry offers a variety of unique handmade jewelry created by skilled artisans from across the country. Made by hand, in studio, since the beginning. With our hardworking team of artists, we offer many whimsical, meaningful and environmentally friendly jewelry pieces to choose from.

When you purchase this jewelry you are not only supporting the creative expression of the artists, you are also helping to encourage sustainable businesses like those at Whole Soul Jewelry. Handcrafted Jewelry is unique in creativity and design therefore becoming meaningful treasures to be cherish and pass down year after year.

Our Handmade Jewelry 

At Whole Soul Jewelry, when we say "handmade" we really mean it. All of our jewelry is handcrafted and designed by artisans using a variety of materials and techniques; making each piece of jewelry we offer truly one of a kind. When you wear a piece of this jewelry, you will know, even in the deepest part of your soul you are beautiful.

Our Mission:

To offer whimsical and meaningful jewelry created by human hands throughout the entire phase of production. Each piece unique in its own way; cut, bent, hammered, assembled, or engraved by hand then finished with quality craftsmanship just as it has been done many years ago. To create beautiful pieces that will make women everywhere feel beautiful inside and out. To make quality jewelry so special they become treasured wearable art.

Behind Whole Soul Jewelry...

Hello there, my name is Lisa. I am an avid collector of handcrafted artisan jewelry, a mother of three boys and the woman behind Whole Soul Jewelry.

My story may sound a lot like yours, in its own special way.  A while back, I had to make a tough choice in order to fulfill my passion as a creative contributor while also raising my boys. The thought of paying someone else to see them grow up just did not work for me.

In the end, there was no choice. Like many women, I found myself at a fork in the road.  I could pursue a career in the rat race of computer graphic and web design, barley seeing my young boys grow up or I could unleash my creative influences and spend my days like the mother I wanted to be.

I have poured my inner designer and savvy computer skills into featuring a line of handmade jewelry for women just like you. These are mothers, sisters, grandmothers, and all women who want to feel beautiful, and who find meaning in wearing a piece of art that makes them feel unique.  At the same time, I could live out my calling as a mother who stays at home to raise my children with all the love in my heart. I feel very fortunate to be able to do what I love while continuing to raise my three boys into wonderful men.

In fact, you may notice my proudest piece of handmade jewelry is a necklace engraved with the names of my children; Joey, Michael and Nicolas.

This necklace was given to me by my dearest friend during some pretty rough times in my life. It has since become a frequent fixture around my neck, and it gives me the strength and confidence I need when I wear it. I believe jewelry can be more than just an accessory to that perfect outfit, it can be meaningful and inspirational. I was motivated by this necklace, to create Whole Soul Jewelry so that other women could have their own token of special meaning too.

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