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Just For Fun: Random Facts About Me

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Hi friends!

I thought it would be fun to do a post of some random facts about myself just because.

So, here we go.....

I eat my Ice Cream with a fork, not a spoon.
I am a Diet Pepsi-aholic. It's seriously bad.
Empty hangers in the closet bother me, not sure why.
I love the smell of the first rain on the pavement.
I know a lot of people, but have less than 5 real friends.

I love to rearrange the house furniture, constantly.
My hubby hates when I rearrange our house furniture, constantly.
My first car was a 1986 white four-door Eagle Summit.
I am shy, yet very sarcastic.
I LOVE working in my garden and try to plan a bigger one every year.
I am a computer geek to the core.
I LOVE my boys! OK, not so random.
I've only been in four relationships my entire life.
I am not a fan of chocolate, I prefer vanilla.
I was not with the “popular crowd” in school. But I wanted to be. Didn't we all?
I HATE my hair! I mean really, really hate it!
I consume way to much salt.
I wish I was better at saving money.
I love to draw, but I'm terrible at it.
I prefer eating from bowls than from plates.
My favorite color is yellow.
I enjoy computer graphic design and websites. Whole Soul Jewelry is one of my website designs. 
To this day, if I watch a scary movie about monsters under the bed I have to jump across my bedroom so it can't get me.

What are some random facts about you?

{Christmas In July Sale} 20% OFF plus a $15.00 Gift Card!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Christmas In July Sale - Whole Soul Jewelry
Hello Everyone!

Just wanted to let you all know about our Christmas In July sale over at Whole Soul Jewelry. It's going on right now, as you read!

This is an exclusive sale for our newsletter subscribers only. Just our way of saying "thank-you" for letting us invade your inbox every once and a while. :)

If you are not a subscriber, you can still enjoy the savings simply by signing up for our newsletter here. (we promise not to spam you - cause that's just not cool!) I'll personally send you the promotional code to access your special savings if you are interested.

Now about that sale....we are offering 20% off all our handmade jewelry! From Personalized Necklaces, Silver Spoon Jewelry, Recycled Glass Jewelry, our Gemstone Earrings, and more. And if that isn't enough, we are also sending everyone (who makes a purchase using their exclusive promo code) a $15.00 gift certificate. This special bonus will be sent via email directly to your inbox and you may use it towards your next purchase, or send it to a friend. The choice is yours!

All that being said, every good sale must come to an end and ours will only be available from now until 11:00 pm 07/22/2013. *Sigh*

Have a wonderful day everyone!


Featured Item: Personalized Family Tree Cuff Bracelet

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Personalized Family Tree Cuff Bracelet
Hi Friends!

Today's featured item is one of my personal favorites from our Rustic Inspired Jewelry Collection. In fact, I love this bracelet so much that I own two of them!

This particular design is created from a rustic brass metal that is formed, hammered, oxidized and stamped by hand. Note: This particular image makes the bracelet look shiny, almost like silver but it's not, it's brass. 

This personalized cuff bracelet measures about 7 1/2" and is approximately 14 mm wide. A perfect casual accessory to wear with any outfit!

Personalize however you'd like, with names, messages or words (up to 25 characters).  Whole Soul Jewelry welcomes custom orders! Stamped family tree is optional - up to four trees will fit on this bracelet. Brass links and beads connect in back to finish the design.

The current production time for this beauty is about 5 weeks and with out a doubt, worth the wait! Each of our rustic designs are made entirely from scratch and therefore are created truly unique. Now how's that for one-of-a-kind?

Want one? Shop Personalized Family Tree Cuff Bracelet.

What would you have stamped on this bracelet? Family names? A Love Note? Special Phrase or Quote?