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Just For Fun: Random Facts About Me

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Hi friends!

I thought it would be fun to do a post of some random facts about myself just because.

So, here we go.....

I eat my Ice Cream with a fork, not a spoon.
I am a Diet Pepsi-aholic. It's seriously bad.
Empty hangers in the closet bother me, not sure why.
I love the smell of the first rain on the pavement.
I know a lot of people, but have less than 5 real friends.

I love to rearrange the house furniture, constantly.
My hubby hates when I rearrange our house furniture, constantly.
My first car was a 1986 white four-door Eagle Summit.
I am shy, yet very sarcastic.
I LOVE working in my garden and try to plan a bigger one every year.
I am a computer geek to the core.
I LOVE my boys! OK, not so random.
I've only been in four relationships my entire life.
I am not a fan of chocolate, I prefer vanilla.
I was not with the “popular crowd” in school. But I wanted to be. Didn't we all?
I HATE my hair! I mean really, really hate it!
I consume way to much salt.
I wish I was better at saving money.
I love to draw, but I'm terrible at it.
I prefer eating from bowls than from plates.
My favorite color is yellow.
I enjoy computer graphic design and websites. Whole Soul Jewelry is one of my website designs. 
To this day, if I watch a scary movie about monsters under the bed I have to jump across my bedroom so it can't get me.

What are some random facts about you?

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