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Patina Bird Personalized Mommy Necklace

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Patina Bird Personalized Mommy Necklace

Hello, Jewelry Lovers! It's Shauna from Momma Candy with my favorite Whole Soul Jewelry piece of the week!

So we all know about mommy necklaces, right? A few years ago when they first became really popular they were made up of a few classic round disks with some initials or names of our kids. I loved mine!

What's not to love? You get to wear your babies' names around your neck. But as more and more mommies started wearing these necklaces, I started seeing them everywhere. 

Then I started seeing something different. I started noticing unique mommy necklaces that were hand stamped and even rustic and trendy. I loved them! And I found them at Whole Soul Jewelry!

Take a look at this!

So unique and so cute! I love the bird because I call my son my Blackbird and I used to call my daughter Lola-bird when she was a baby. It doesn't hurt that this patina bird charm is so pretty!

This necklace is even more unique because it's hammered and intentionally antiqued. The brass drop shape disk can hold up to eight letters and the teal stone matches the patina bird. Personalization makes my day! 

You won't see this hand-stamped mommy necklace around anyone else's neck because it's truly one of a kind.

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