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Personalize Family Tree Brass Cuff Bracelet

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Personalized Family Tree Brass Cuff Bracelet

Hello, Jewelry Lovers! It's Shauna from Momma Candy just chiming in about my favorite piece from Whole Soul Jewelry this week!

I've been thinking about Christmas and the holidays coming up and making lists about what to give to who. So, naturally, I started thinking about what I want for Christmas. After I looked through some of the new arrivals, I actually got some great ideas about what to give some of my loved ones! It wasn't all about me after all!

I really loved the idea of this Personalized Family Tree Brass Cuff Bracelet. 

I like it because it would be perfect for a grandmother, an aunt, a mom, a sister, or even a best friend! I love the antique look of this bracelet. It almost looks like an heirloom piece. I also think it's amazing that each one of those leaves are hand stamped. Every, single one! Not only that but you can also choose the font and images, which makes this cuff bracelet a true one of a kind.

One thing to note about this bracelet, the picture makes it look silver but it's actually brass. I happen to think that makes this piece even more unique and trendy. See for yourself!

Personalize Handstamped Jewelry Brass Family Tree

Look at the bracelet in the middle! You can even personalize it with a meaningful phrase shared between you and a loved one. Does it really get any better than that?

What a beautiful gift to give someone you love for the holidays! (Husband? Are you paying attention?)

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