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A Mardi Gras Sunday...

Sunday, February 10, 2013

This weekend went by so fast! A basketball game, friend-shuttling, grocery shopping, house cleaning, party planning and a big Mardi Gras Parade! Before I new it, it was over just like that.

About that parade...

I know that I may be slightly bias because our family got to participate and all, but I truly believe there is no parade like those you would see in your own home town. It was absolutely amazing! 

Even in our teeny-tiny little town, Nevada City.

My oldest Joey got to hold the banner for his grandpa Jerry who this year, was selected as the towns Grand Marshall for 2013. It's just a small town thing, but quite a honor as well!

My three year old Michael, was able to ride in the horse carriage along with Daddy, Grandpa Jerry and his Nonna while Nicolas and I watched from the sidelines and took pictures....

...and since they were the first in line during the parade, we all got to sit a enjoy the rest as it went by. 

My oldest Joey, and his buddy (also named Jerry) who helped him hold the banner too!

Michael collected LOTS of beads! He also got to toss them to the crowd while riding on the horse carriage. 

Leaving the parade. This picture was just too cute to pass up on!

All Done! What a day, Michael is passed out an hour before bedtime and it looks like Daddy is not far behind as well! 
It was a great day, I just love attending the local events and supporting our cute little town. 

Do you attend your local events and if so, what is your favorite one?

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